Types of Roulette outside Bets

Playing roulette is one of the interesting entertainments in many individual’s life. It is observed that many people are turning their interest towards playing roulette so as to relax their work loaded mind for a while. Roulette game which is completely a game of luck is popularly known as wheel of fortune. The process of playing this interesting roulette game is very simple however many people get confused when it comes to the matter of roulette betting. To know more details visit www.cherrycasino.com

Let us grab some knowledge on roulette outside betting because there are lot many bets in roulette game one can pick the roulette bet of their choice. Below are the types of roulette bets:

  • Bet on colors (red and Black) – The roulette wheel is filled with total 36 numbers and these numbers are in colored in red and black alternatively and according to that one can bet on the color either red or black.

Bet on low or high – As we all know the roulette game is all about spinning the wheel, here this low or high bet is all about guessing the next number. One needs to bet on whether the next number is high or low. For example if the wheel is spanned at stopped at number 16

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