Free online blackjack

The game of blackjack is a popular gambling game which is played at the online casino web sites all over the world. The games of online blackjack are played against the dealer of the game. The players aim to get a hand which is higher in value than the dealer without breaking 21. The blackjack games are usually played for money. But there are schemes with the casino web sites in which they offer the free online blackjack.

If you happen to be a new comer to the field of online blackjack then the free online offer of the game can be the best thing for you. Here it will be possible for you to learn the technique of the game for free without having to invest anything in the fray. You can practice the game, take risks and in the process learn the ways of the games of chances before you delve into the real world of the money gaming plays.

Basic rules of blackjack

The dealer of the game will give two cards to you and keep two with him. The both cards given to you will be face up. One card of the dealer will be face up. Now you have to decide either to stay or to quit, based on your estimate depending on the two cards with you and the one with the dealer faced up. You may ask the dealer for more cards to increase the value of your cards. The values of the hand are determined by adding up the cards. The ace is valued as one or eleven. All the numbered cards are valued to their face values. The face cards worth ten point each. When hand worth 17 or less the holder of the hand will take additional cards.

The free online blackjack is a great way to learn the rules of the game.

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